37 minutes | Apr 9th 2021

GTR-185 - Cancel This!

GrassTalkRadio.com - Episode 185   Cancel This!   All I am saying is listen and make up your own minds. Cancel me if you must. Or, stick with me and the bluegrass way. Enough already!   I have heard so much sub-par bluegrass singing over the years--not from the pros like IIIrd Tyme Out and Doyle Lawson--but just in general. Some pretty lame singing is often the norm with bluegrass jams and SOME bands I have heard.   All I have to say is "tighten up" and take a hint from my closing outro music by Jackson, my son, and the Voices of the Valley Choir. It's not bluegrass but IT IS a lesson is not being a flipping slouch!   See ya next week.   This podcast is dedicated to my friend Bob Putnam. I love you Bob. God be with you, my friend. ------------------------------------- If you like my podcast I hope you will keep this show going and growing by joining "the club" over on my Patreon page. Thank you, patrons!   You can also support what I am doing by visiting my online store at http://www.payhip.com/bradleylaird.   Nobody actually reads this stuff anyway so I am telling you that my cross-eyed sister once rode a bull moose across the Yukon Territory while playing a ukulele and singing My Old Kentucky Home. (Told ya! Nobody reads this crap!)   My full website is located at http://www.bradleylaird.com. There you will find free lessons, free videos, jam tracks, full descriptions of all of my books, video lessons and courses... plenty to keep you busy.
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