102 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

GTR-180 - Tony Williamson Interview

GrassTalkRadio.com - Episode 180   Tony Williamson Interview   Join me on this wide-ranging conversation with Tony Williamson. We discuss mandolin world addiction, mandolin family instruments, Bill Monroe and the "power pose", Union Grove, overalls, the Bluegrass Alliance, Grisman's porch, Harry Sparks, how a mandolin brought a man back from near death. Then, the DGQ's first album, auditioning over the phone to play with Richard Greene, pie, flintknapping and archeology, and as if that were not enough, how a warehouse full of fine plastic guitars (made by Mario Maccaferri who also made Django's guitar) bankrolled Mandolin Central. This is a fun one and I know you will enjoy meeting Tony Williamson. LINKS: For Tony's website where you can get his music, watch videos, and drool over or purchase a fine, pre-war mandolin or mandolin family instrument. I encourage you to visit: http://www.mandolincentral.com/   ------------------------------------ The episode also features a limited time discount on: The Mandolin Treasure Chest http://www.bradleylaird.com/treasure/index.html Use coupon code treasure20 to take 20% off through Feb. 14, 2021. This is a remarkable win-win-win offer. You win because you learn to play the mandolin! I win because I get your money and can buy dog food, hay, bacon, beer, biscuits (The Three Basic Food Groups) and chicken feed. And, in case you didn't know, Jared wins because he only gets paid for his fantastic announcements IF you actually purchase and use the coupon code. Help the guy out! We all win! ------------------------------------ If you like my podcast I hope you will keep this show going and growing by joining "the club" over on my Patreon page. Thank you, patrons!   You can also support what I am doing by visiting my online store at http://www.payhip.com/bradleylaird.   My full website is located at http://www.bradleylaird.com. There you will find free lessons, free videos, jam tracks, full descriptions of all of my books, video lessons and courses... plenty to keep you busy.   Happy ground hog day!!
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