64 minutes | Jan 25, 2020

Jamelle Bouie, Spencer Ackerman: The X-Men at Davos, HoxPox & Dawn of X

New York Times Opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie and Spencer Ackerman, Daily Beast National Security Reporter, join me to talk about the new X-Men series, the ideology of Krakoa and more: “Magneto as Lenin” Jamelle Bouie “This is The X-Men that I have always dreamed of existing, in my soul”- Spencer AckermanWhat does the Mutant Liberation Front really mean?Pan Africanism, not Zionism "Based on my friends fighting between Bernie and Warren there should be a lot more fighting between being a Magneto guy vs being a Scott Summers guy." -- me, @Elana_BrooklynThe utterly perfect X-Men #4            
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