47 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

Nidhi Razdan on the State of the Indian Media

If you’ve watched prime time television in India at any point in the last two decades, there is zero chance that you are not acquainted with Milan’s guest on the show this week. Since 1999, the journalist Nidhi Razdan has been reporting on the biggest news coming out of India--from politics to the economy and, especially, foreign affairs.


A stalwart presence night after night on NDTV--one of India’s leading news outlets--Nidhi was the executive editor of the channel and the primary anchor of their prime time news show, “Left, Right & Centre.” In June 2020, Nidhi announced that she was taking a break from reporting journalism in order to teach journalism at Harvard.


Milan asks Nidhi about how television journalism has changed over the last two decades, why the business model of journalism is broken, and the festering issue of self-censorship in newsrooms. Milan and Nidhi also discuss the surprise “India angle” to the U.S. elections and the international ramifications of the Article 370 decision in Kashmir, Nidhi’s home state.


Episode Notes:

  1. Nidhi Razdan, “The Shameful Vilification Of Rhea Chakraborty
  2. Amit Varma, “Driven to Extremes. Part 1: News Television
  3. Sevanti Ninan, “How India's Media Landscape Changed Over Five Years
  4. Priya Ramani, “Your Guide To Loving Indian Media Again
  5. Grand Tamasha episode with Ashley J. Tellis on “India’s China Conundrum