31 minutes | Aug 16, 2019

How Epstein Cheated the Hangman (with Wardens Catherine Linaweaver and Cameron Lindsay)

Today we’re probing the ignominious end of Jeffrey Epstein’s ignominious life. The circumstances of Epstein’s death are suspicious, whether or not you subscribe to the more fantastical conspiracy theories. While the details of timelines and security lapses remain sketchy and incomplete, what we know is that the highest profile prisoner in the federal prison system died of unnatural causes, in the special housing unit of a facility used to incarcerating mob bosses, drug kingpins, and terrorists - a facility that hasn’t seen a suicide in over 20 years. Here to help us make sense of it are two fantastic guests - Catherine Linaweaver, the former warden of NY’s Metropolitan Correctional Center (the facility in question) and 2012 Warden of the Year; and Cameron Lindsay, the former warden of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, that borough’s 3x larger equivalent to Manhattan’s MCC. Lindsay and Linaweaver of course have uniquely well informed perspectives about what happened here, where and why the breakdowns occurred, what to do about it, and where the investigation goes next. To subscribe or to contact the show, visit us at graftpodcast.com, email graftpodcast@gmail.com, or call (646) 450-4060. Theme Music by Jay Lifton (www.jaylifton.com)
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