18 minutes | Aug 28, 2019

Anyone Left In Mount Vernon Who Isn't Mayor? (with Mayor Andre Wallace)

If you remember our July 15 episode, The Supernumerary Mayors of Mount Vernon, you know that city just north of NYC was experiencing a remarkable power struggle between two men, Richard Thomas and Andre Wallace, both of whom claimed to be mayor. Department heads, city employees, and citizens didn't know quite what to make of it. At one point, the newly appointed (though naturally contested) chief of police was arrested when he arrived for work. After a few weeks, a judge's ruling seemed to quell the crisis. And then it got suddenly worse. Today, actual mayor Andre Wallace joins us to discuss. To subscribe or to contact the show, visit us at graftpodcast.com, email graftpodcast@gmail.com, or call (646) 450-4060. Theme Music by Jay Lifton (www.jaylifton.com)
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