17 minutes | Mar 15th 2020

Little Things: So Not Fair

Have you ever looked at someone else's life and thought, "Not fair! Why do they get such and such and I don't?" Sometimes we forget God blesses each of us differently because we all have a different role in God's kingdom. Welcome to EPISODE 10 of "Little Things!" Here on Grace Talks every Sunday, we’re giving you the new podcast "Little Things" by Amber Albee Swenson, one of our Time of Grace writers and bloggers! Every week, Amber will help you navigate through some of life’s challenges and struggles by using Scripture and her own experiences of being a mom, wife, speaker, teacher, and forgiven child of God ... Because in God's kingdom, the little things ARE the big things. Time of Grace is a donor-supported effort. If you would like to give a gift of support, please donate here: http://bit.ly/2T5D999
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