35 minutes | Jun 19, 2020

Episode 28: Talking Makeup Tips for Women Over 40 with Rami Parker

Oh, aging skin. Remember when we could just slap on some mascara and go? *sigh* As we age, things in the makeup department tend to get a bit more difficult unfortunately. But there's a 'right' way to do things to ensure that your cosmetics paint your face in the most flattering light. Pun intended. Today I'm speaking with Rami Parker who is a makeup artist that has perfected this art. I could not believe it when I realized how old she is! She easily looks ten years younger if not more, and that is in large part due to the makeup she uses and the way she applies it. Rami will be sharing some of her best makeup tips for aging skin with us, along with some great products to try. Plus she's adorable! Can't wait for you to give this episode a listen.  PS: I purchased some makeup from Rami since recording this episode and I love it!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/graceover40/message
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