25 minutes | Jun 9th 2019

From Hostage to Freedom

Let's start with the dark side, where you were before you felt like you got your freedom, both you and your husband and your practice, just kind of paint a quick picture of that.  So the dark side was where my husband had a dental practice and I was his office manager. But I had bigger and better plans for us. He started to have bigger and better plans for us instead of sitting status quo, grinding it out day after day. So that was the start of our awareness that this is not where we want it to be.  

Shelley Renee has over 30 years’ experience in managing dental practices. The knowledge and skills gained through hands-on experience have shaped her current success as a sought-after practice management speaker and consultant.  She works with dentists who want to get systems in place and build a dream practice.  Regardless of the starting point, Shelley leaves you with the peaceful, productive and profitable practice you have always wanted. 



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