50 minutes | Nov 5th 2019

Episode 131 - Thank You and Goodbye

Stef and Henno are joined by Agent Palmer to record our last The Orville/Gotham Lights Podcast. We chat The Orville's move to Hulu, Palmer's new podcast The Palmer Files, segue to cord cutting and what we've been watching lately with some football and Hallmark XMas talk, shoot the shit and then detail ending this podcast feed. You can find Agent Palmer's blog here: http://agentpalmer.com/ and on twitter here: https://twitter.com/agentpalmer?lang=en email any complaints to theagentpalmer@gmail.com Special thanks to Doug LeMesurier for the new The Orville Lights logo @jlemesur The Orville Lights is part of the Danger Entertainment Network theorvillelights@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/GothamLights/?fref=nf twitter: @gothamlights @idahenno @badwolfbay87 Danger Entertainment Network https://twitter.com/podernfamily Gotham Lights on Google Play Music Gotham lights on Stitcher Gotham Lights on Tunein Radio Gotham Lights on iHeart Radio
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