90 minutes | Feb 6th 2019

Episode 118 - Never Go Full Thespian

Stef and Henno are joined by friend of the show Jason "Uncle Jay" Cicalese; thespian, survivor of Newark, a voice of The Wicked Theory Podcast and connoisseur of film, scotch and cigars. Jay goes balls deep about his experiences on the set of Gotham, acting and film. You can find Jay on Twitter @UncleJaysThing on IMDB as Jason John Cicalese as well as Facebook and of course hanging out with Bill and Bob on The Wicked Theory Podcast every Saturday night. Special thanks to Doug LeMesurier for the Gotham Lights logo @jlemesur Gotham Lights is part of the Danger Entertainment Network gothamlightspodcast@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/GothamLights/?fref=nf twitter: @gothamlights @idahenno @badwolfbay87 Danger Entertainment Network https://twitter.com/podernfamily Gotham Lights on Google Play Music Gotham lights on Stitcher Gotham Lights on Tunein Radio Gotham Lights on iHeart Radio
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