70 minutes | Apr 30th 2019

Dolla Power!

On the road to 10k downloads! There's a change in this week episode.

WTF Moment of the week features UPS and there ridiculous new feature which allows people to track there order with a 3-D map and why Tyrone ABSOLUTELY HATES THAT IDEA after the UPS driver comes in his area five times which includes two times the driver was in his complex and didn't deliver the product until late in the day!

Tyrone gets into a altercation with a individual who he had issues with in the neighborhood playing basketball and loses his inner chi when he comes to realize that his Kevin Love college basketball throwback jersey has yet to be delivered to his home.

The topic of discussion this week includes the Lakers and there coaching search/interest in Pat Riley, The Phoenix Suns search for another coach which will be there 5th coach in 5 years and the WNBA lack of pay and why its a problem considering what there male counterparts gets from there current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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