25 minutes | Dec 3rd 2018

Chapter #6: Ground Marketing Tips and Tricks with Michael Arias

We were lucky enough to chat with our friend, Michael Arias, better known as The Dental Marketer. Vanessa and Michael (and G.O.S.T!) discuss ground marketing, how to target local businesses, and how you and your employees can get the most out of just a little budget. If you have a Starbucks, a hotel, an apartment complex, or even a gym near you, you’ll want to listen in to gain valuable insights on how to attract their employees and clients to your practice. In this episode, Michael Arias, Vanessa, and G.O.S.T. discuss: What ground marketing is, and why it’s important. It’s a more sophisticated way of guerilla marketing Cannot be forgotten in the dental industry How ground marketing gets more patients scheduled immediately by doing one simple thing - going into the community and talking to the people around you The importance of interaction and engagement - it gets patients, guaranteed, whereas traditional marketing can leave you vaguely hoping that it will work Ground marketing can be done anywhere Persistence is key. Go ground marketing at places where you will be able to find your target market What to look for in a dedicated Ground Marketer You can always be doing ground marketing if you use a couple stealthy tactics. Synergizing LocalMed online scheduling with ground marketing Show Links The Ground Marketer What's LocalMed? The ✌️Minute Explanation More details on our website About G.O.S.T. Stories What’s even better than a good story around the campfire? G.O.S.T. stories. LocalMed's interview series aims to share the stories of the remarkable friends in dentistry we’ve had the opportunity to meet, partner with and serve. Each episode is hosted by G.O.S.T., LocalMed's social media ambassador, and Vanessa Vitagliano, our strategic partnerships manager. Follow LocalMed on... Facebook | Instagram | Blog
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