19 minutes | Sep 25, 2018

Chapter #5: Blue Ridge Family Dental's Founder Dr. Rachael Schuette

Join us for a chat with a dentist whose love of the field started back when she was just a patient. Dr. Schuette’s dental experiences in middle school kicked off a career that took her thousands of miles to a new home, and new personal horizons. Like other dentists, Dr. Schuette was originally hesitant about online scheduling, fearing that it would be giving up too much control. Now, she’s glad she tried it. Listen in to learn how she’s achieved success with LocalMed! In this episode, Dr. Rachael Schuette, Vanessa, and G.O.S.T. discuss: The orthodontic and dental experiences all the way back in middle school that inspired Rachael to become a dentist What made her decide to move all the way from North Carolina to Wisconsin Her first job as an associate at a very busy dental office, which gave her both confidence and practice-management know-how. How she discovered that talking earnestly with her patients is the most important thing she can give them As an associate, that wasn’t as possible as she would have liked. So she decided to open a practice that she could run according to her own vision Dr. Schuette’s initial hesitance about online scheduling Her best tips for getting the most out of LocalMed - what’s worked for her, and what might work for you. Her team calls patients right after they book an appointment online. This adds a voice and therefore a personal touch, which she believes will help create an overall positive experience for the patient. How Blue Ridge Dental lets their patients know that they can now schedule online What’s in store for the future, as far as marketing goes? Show Links Blue Ridge Family Dental What's LocalMed? The ✌️Minute Explanation More details on our website About G.O.S.T. Stories What’s even better than a good story around the campfire? G.O.S.T. stories. LocalMed's interview series aims to share the stories of the remarkable friends in dentistry we’ve had the opportunity to meet, partner with and serve. Each episode is hosted by G.O.S.T., LocalMed's social media ambassador, and Vanessa Vitagliano, our strategic partnerships manager. Follow LocalMed on... Facebook | Instagram | Blog
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