16 minutes | Jun 19, 2018

Chapter #3: Creating efficiencies in your dental practice with Michael Lomotan

Michael Lomotan of Divergent Dental and Dental Success Network fame is a self-proclaimed #Geek and #DentalSpouse. His San Diego-based practice, Dental Design SD, was an early adopter of LocalMed. Michael chats with us from the streets of San Diego in his “mobile office” (his trusty Subaru) about goat togas, his late-night online shopping adventures and how he uses LocalMed to create efficiency in his dental practice. In this episode, Michael Lomotan, Vanessa, and G.O.S.T. discuss: Michael’s background and how he got into the dental world How the Dental Success Summit is essentially a business boot camp for dentists Why knowing your numbers and increasing efficiency is so important The main demographic of Dental Design SD, and why requiring them to book over the phone isn’t ideal Why LocalMed has been a staple in their practice for over 3 years (hint: 35x ROI) How 70% of the calls their front desk was making were not answered at all When most of the patients scheduling online were booking, and when Michael makes (great!) Amazon purchases What to focus on when marketing your dental practice, and how website traffic conversions impact your bottom line Are no-show patients an issue at SD Dental Design? Michael gives an honest assessment. Show Links Dental Success Network Dental Design SD What's LocalMed? The ✌️Minute Explanation More details on our website About G.O.S.T. Stories What’s even better than a good story around the campfire? G.O.S.T. stories. LocalMed's interview series aims to share the stories of the remarkable friends in dentistry we’ve had the opportunity to meet, partner with and serve. Each episode is hosted by G.O.S.T., LocalMed's social media ambassador, and Vanessa Vitagliano, our strategic partnerships manager. Follow LocalMed on... Facebook | Instagram | Blog
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