20 minutes | Jun 5, 2018

Chapter #2: The Start-Up Journey of Shania Holman, DDS, PhD

Our friend, Shaina Holman DDS, PhD, is an award-winning family dentist who just opened her first practice (Holman Family Dental Care) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina! She shares with us how she decided on becoming a dentist, her startup journey and why branding your practice is SO important! In this episode, Dr. Shaina Holman, Vanessa, and G.O.S.T. discuss: Dr. Holman’s first 4 months running her startup practice, Holman Family Dental Care How Dr. Holman was working on a project in a study abroad program in Costa Rica that sparked her interest in dentistry How Dr. Holman didn’t know how she would make a startup work since she was the primary provider of her family’s income, but decided to take the leap anyways What podcast Dr. Holman listened to while working on getting her practice up-and-running How she originally heard about LocalMed Some exciting new changes happening at Dr. Holman’s practice just four months in, including building out extra operatories to accommodate her new patients. The reaction of her local Mom’s group when she asked about the concept of online scheduling for dentists (hint: lots of excitement). How Dr. Holman pre-booked more than 43 appointments before she even opened her doors. In just 4 months, Dr. Holman’s start-up practice has over 200 appointments booked through LocalMed Dr. Holman’s thoughts on branding and marketing dental practices, and how LocalMed’s online scheduling has helped provide a great first impression to her patients. Show Links Holman Family Dental Care What's LocalMed? The ✌️Minute Explanation More details on our website About G.O.S.T. Stories What’s even better than a good story around the campfire? G.O.S.T. stories. LocalMed's interview series aims to share the stories of the remarkable friends in dentistry we’ve had the opportunity to meet, partner with and serve. Each episode is hosted by G.O.S.T., LocalMed's social media ambassador, and Vanessa Vitagliano, our strategic partnerships manager. Follow LocalMed on... Facebook | Instagram | Blog
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