17 minutes | Apr 5, 2018

Chapter #1: "The Disney Experience", Bitmojis and Bentley’s with Andre Shirdan

Please join us in welcoming our friend, Andre Shirdan! Andre is an author, inspirational/motivational speaker, certified software trainer, CAD/CAM/CBCT training professional, the founder of The Crew Process and our inaugural G.O.S.T. Stories guest. In this episode, Andre, Vanessa, and G.O.S.T. discuss: Why Andre believes in “CREW work” over teamwork; getting everyone on the same page from a philosophy standpoint and focused on a goal How Andre’s experience with working with companies like Walt Disney and the Ritz Carlton has taught him valuable customer service strategies to apply to the dental field How dentists can keep the patients they’ve attracted in order to grow their practice The cost versus the convenience of making appointments, and how online scheduling for all industries has become the norm Andre discusses how “The Disney Experience” can be applied to your practice to create a great experience for your patients to create long-term patients and encourage referrals How Andre’s Bitmoji will allow his business to go on without him (but still with him) Andre believes that being passionate about what you do creates a following Andre’s Eaglesoft users group where Eaglesoft users can connect with each other to get the most out of the software What Andre’s life goal is (hint: it involves a trip to the Bentley factory) Show Links The CREW Process What's LocalMed? The ✌️Minute Explanation More details on our website About G.O.S.T. Stories What’s even better than a good story around the campfire? G.O.S.T. stories. LocalMed's interview series aims to share the stories of the remarkable friends in dentistry we’ve had the opportunity to meet, partner with and serve. Each episode is hosted by G.O.S.T., LocalMed's social media ambassador, and Vanessa Vitagliano, our strategic partnerships manager. Follow LocalMed on... Facebook | Instagram | Blog
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