80 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Ep 97 - Adventure! - The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island

Put on your sunscreen, we're going tropical! Paul, Chad, and Kevin cover the Give Yourself Goosebumps book The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island. This is Kevin's first time as Book Master and he brings his game designer skills to the role. Can Paul & Chad navigate the exotic location, that totally isn't just a tourist resort in Hawaii? Get ready because THE CURSE STARTS RIGHT NOW! OFF TOPICS: Defining the Midwest borders, the appropriate demise for Rush (the monstrous man, not the band), a strong argument for why we should dunk on the dead. Book discussion: 10:30 You can support the show, get access to bonus episodes, vote on titles, and more at patreon.com/goosebuds Dress your skeleton with Goosebuds apparel at goosebuds.store Want to contact us? goosebuds@gmail.com Edited by Kevin Cole (@RealKevinCole) Original music by Seth Earnest (sethearnest.net) Cover art by Brock Gallagher (@brockadile)
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