87 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

Ep 94 - Monster Blood IV

Monster Blood, the iconic Goosebumps goop, returns for this final book in the mainline series. Is it really Monster Blood though or just a can of blue mutant warcrimes? Chad, Paul, and Dom cover this tale of wacky watersports, dogs in distress, and sloppy science. While you listen, we ask you to consider: what do the 'Sluglins' look like? Are they adorable? Gremlin-y? Does any answer excuse Kermit and the other kids being complete idiots? Regardless we have a blast discussing the book and share big updates for the podcast as one of our friends heads out for distant lands. We love you all. Book discussion starts at 10:30 OFF TOPIC: Update on Dom's dealing with 'The Family', the origin of Kilroy, The Waldo Cult. You can support the show, get access to bonus episodes, vote on titles, and more at patreon.com/goosebuds Dress your skeleton with Goosebuds apparel at goosebuds.store Want to contact us? goosebuds@gmail.com Edited by Kevin Cole (@RealKevinCole) Original music by Seth Earnest (sethearnest.net) goosebudspod.com
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