83 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

Ep 105 - Werewolf Skin

Large parts of the planet are overheating, so what better way to cool off than a book about putting on heavy extra layers of wool and fur? This is a visceral book filled with viscera! Is 'Werewolf Skin' a fun twist on lycan lore? A metaphor for drug addiction? Or just code for someone's fursuit? The boys discuss and have a few laughs. OFF TOPICS: Burning mix CDs for romantic flames, revisiting The Culling, spawn camping your newborn, alternative child-bearing methods, pickling your child, Paul's emulator gift. BOOK DISCUSSION BEGINS: 18:15 You can support the show, get access to bonus episodes, vote on upcoming titles, and more at patreon.com/goosebuds Dress your skeleton with Goosebuds apparel at goosebuds.store Email: goosebuds@gmail.com Twitter: @GoosebudsPod Edited by Kevin Cole (@RealKevinCole) Original music by Seth Earnest (sethearnest.net) Cover art by Brock Gallagher (@brockadile)
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