78 minutes | May 31, 2021

Ep 103 - My Best Friend Is Invisible

The power of invisibility is a sinister one. 95% of being invisible is doing dirty or spooky stuff. If you meet someone who says if they could choose a superpower that they'd pick invisibility you should watch out. That's a hot tip from your pal The Goosebuds.  This Goosebumps book is a real 'Best Of' RL's story tricks: obvious solutions, ignorant parents, and a twist ending that makes us scream (with rage). Enjoy the listen as the Goosebuds Boys cover this story of a camouflage clinger. OFF TOPIC: The Secret of "Secretly Shaq" has been revealed, poorly, by Papa Johns. They stole this idea from us. So we propose an alternate version of the show. Steal this one, Papa. We dare you. Book discussion starts at 9:47 You can support the show, get access to bonus episodes, vote on upcoming titles, and more at patreon.com/goosebuds Dress your skeleton with Goosebuds apparel at goosebuds.store Email: goosebuds@gmail.com Twitter: @GoosebudsPod Edited by Kevin Cole (@RealKevinCole) Original music by Seth Earnest (sethearnest.net) Cover art by Brock Gallagher (@brockadile)
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