36 minutes | Feb 1, 2021

Sunsetting. But Not The End. - GTP126

This is the final episode of the Google Teacher Podcast. In this final episode, Matt and Kasey explain why this podcast is ending and reflect on their experiences creating it. Some of their favorite moments and things they've enjoyed include: Tips from YOU are the best episode Speakpipes are informative and sometimes entertaining Jokes, memes, and silliness with our listeners Keynote speeches and conference meet-ups Learned more from our listeners than we will ever learn on our own Hearing listeners apply things they learned made our day Continued partnership and friendship Outtakes - Speaking of outtakes...make sure you listen to the very end! You're invited to continue learning with Matt, Kasey and Chris! Matt Miller's Ditch That Text Book Listen to archived episodes of the Ditch That Textbook podcast Social media Matt on Twitter Ditch That Textbook on Twitter Matt on Facebook Matt on YouTube Matt on Pinterest  Matt’s books New book, Do More with Google Classroom, is available! Check out the book companion website for resources Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit (free online conference every December) Keynote speeches, workshops and other professional development Online courses (free and paid) by Ditch That Textbook Kasey Bell's Shake Up Learning The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast (every Tuesday) Google Resources on SUL Google Quick Tip Playlist Online Courses Books Speaking (in-person and virtual) Webinars Book Studies Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook Subscribe to Kasey’s weekly newsletter Social Twitter Facebook YouTube Pinterest TikTok Instagram Chris Nesi's House of #EdTech Social Media Twitter YouTube TikTok Instagram
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