40 minutes | Nov 10, 2020

Meaningful Group Work with Google Tools - GTP123

Google News and Updates Google for Education transformation reports window open, availability expanded worldwide (Seven key areas of transformation are here.) Replace your background in Google Meet Office editing mode is now the default editing mode for Office files in Drive on the web Try out these Google features on your new iPhone Featured Content From Patti Young from Cornwall, NY: Hi Kasey and Matt, I love your podcast and look forward to every new episode. This year has been a struggle for teachers and their traditional ways of teaching. I am a 5th-grade teacher in middle school. My district is using a blended learning model. We have 2 cohorts Tuesdays and Thursdays and Wednesdays and Fridays. I see 2 groups of students per day. I really miss putting the kids into groups to share their learning. I love group work and I am really struggling with how to make it work this year. If you or your listeners have any ideas on how to do group work, I would love to try it. Can't wait to hear some new ideas! Simple answer: collaborate on the assignment within a doc.  Set up sections with steps that you want students to progress through. (Kind of like Hyperdocs) Discuss in the comments.  They can work on an assignment in a different app (Slides, Drawings, even outside G Suite) Use voice comments with a tool like Mote (justmote.me) for comments for a personal touch of voice Other tools that integrate nicely with Classroom that can foster discussion: Flipgrid (flipgrid.com): Video replies. Synth (gosynth.com): Audio discussion tool. Audio replies. What’s your purpose? Group work, collaboration, cooperative learning? Group Doc Add-On (From Alice Keeler) Collaborative Notes with Google Docs Small-Group Instruction with Google Meet Breakout Rooms and Jamboard Google Meet breakout rooms for differentiated learning (by Esther Park) Prioritize facilitation and 1-on-1 conferencing touchpoints Station Rotations in a Hybrid Model (Catlin Tucker) More details in e85 of Shake Up Learning Show Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Jen Giffen (Ontario, Canada) -- On the show: about integrating a Zoom link into Google Classroom. (Like Kasey said, no integration.) Workaround: Go to gear (class settings), if you put under “subject” Zoom link and the link, it’ll show up in the header. Not a live hyperlink, but could be copied into another tab. Students have quick easy access. Not perfect but a workaround! On The Blogs Matt: 20 virtual field trips for your classroom 40+ FREE digital escape rooms (plus a step by step guide for creating your own) NEW mini online course: Getting Started with Digital Escape Rooms Kasey: Google Classroom Comments - All You Need to Know FREE Google Lesson Plans for Teachers New Books Coming Soon! BlendedLearningwithGoogle.com
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