36 minutes | Apr 19, 2020

G Suite Basics for Remote Learning - GTP114

Google News and Updates Extending the availability of Google Meet advanced features to all customers through September 30, 2020 New Meet features to improve distance learning (Start a Meet video chat in Google Classroom) 5 tips for effective distance learning during school closures Accessibility ideas for distance learning during COVID-19 If you are not subscribed to the G Suite Updates blog, now is a good time! Click the “subscribe by email” button. Featured Content Make a copy - How to use all the free templates out there File>Make a copy Force a Copy links Template links How to Create and Assign Templates (GTP095) How to use Google Templates and Assign in Google Classroom Sharing - Guide to Sharing What is G Suite (core, additional, terms) Where to find answers Support.google.com Help forums Google it! G Suite Updates Blog Communicating with students (private comments, class comments, in-file comments) LMGTFY Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Jennifer Isaacs (Illinois) -- All the videos show for me to click on the 3 dots and I can move my assignments up or down. Mine are like that. I only have 3 options and they are edit, delete, or copy link. Help! Kat Benne -- I am looking for a way for me to share my screen which would have a lesson with my students (8th grade) when we are having a virtual meeting. My laptop is older and does not have a webcam so I am using my iPad. Is there a virtual meeting platform where I can share my screen with them while we talk about the content? And is there a tutorial for that procedure. Thanks for your time. Nicole Blake (Indiana) -- How to make a document camera with your smartphone (Google Drive video). Start with Google Meet. Join on a smartphone. Set on a stack of books so hang over the edge. Under phone is now on the screen. Record with screencast extension. David Rogers (South Africa) -- In the podcast this morning, I was sure I heard you say that ScreenCastify was making their premium product available to all school users during the shutdown. I have been wanting to recommend ScreenCastify to my teachers, but the cost has always been prohibitive for us. I was very pleased when I heard of this offer, but disappointed when I saw there was still a five-minute limit. Is this offer only available in the USA? I teach in Johannesburg, South Africa. Screencastify post about free access On The Blogs Matt: 10 live video streams for students How to use Chromebooks offline for elearning OnlineLearningIdeas.com -- New ideas for educators every day Ditch That Textbook eLearning Resources 70 elearning activities, templates and tutorials Kasey: The Guide to Google Drive Sharing (FREE eBook) Home Learning Strategies for Primary Students That All Teachers Can Use How to use Google Templates and Assign in Google Classroom What is G Suite for Education (FREE download) 10 Google Classroom Tips for Remote Learning 12 Practical Tips for Remote Learning During School Closures Remote Learning Resources
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