61 minutes | Feb 18, 2019

Bandersnatch Explained & Explored! Also The Favourite

Bandersnatch is a standalone episode of Black Mirror, with an experimental 'Choose your own adventure game' type format. This week Sarah & Adam dive into the multiple Bandersnatch endings and discuss them all individually - find out if there is a good one! Is watching a TV show supposed to be relaxing? Is Colin's voice really weird on purpose or does he have no free will? Is that Bandersnatch number input sequence clever or a little too obvious? While the interactive episode design is interesting, it is not unique - also check out Netflix's story mode (RIP Teltale) - for a heartwarming adventure including blocks, monsters and sidekick pigs! Sarah talks about Oscar nominated film The Favourite, and Oliva Colemans fantastic performance. Two women playing favourite to the queen of England - who will win? Should Adam watch it? Should we bet our daughters in card games? Find out in this week's episode of the Good Vibes Film Club! Outro: Get exclusive bonus content at patreon.com/goodvibesfilmclubEmail us at: fanmail@goodvibesfilmclub.comFollow Adam @cosmiconion
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