57 minutes | Dec 2nd 2020

Real Feels, 90s One-Hit Wonders, and Bad Acting Gigs with Brad Gage

As an actor, host, emcee, and podcaster, Brad Gage has met a ton of interesting people — and he’s certainly one himself. He’s appeared in movies and TV shows like Timeless and Jane the Virgin and has hosted content for Hulu, Mercedes-Benz, American’s Funniest Home Videos, and more. Throughout it all, he's found a passion for having in-depth conversations and getting to know people. That’s what Brad’s podcast Real Feels is all about. He asks guests to be vulnerable about masculinity and gender issues as they dive into who they are now and where they're hoping to go. Other highlights include a terrible acting gig Brad once had, the power of restorative justice, and some of the best 90s one-hit wonders.
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