84 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Stath Lets Flats' Pizza Double Date

This week, host Jesse David Fox sits down with Jamie Demetriou, the creator/writer/star of the acclaimed British comedy, Stath Lets Flats.


During the summer, Stath Lets Flats took home the Best Scripted Comedy award at the BAFTAs, beating out Catastrophe, Derry Girls, and even Fleabag. To translate the title to American English, Stath is Jamie’s character’s name and “lets flats” means leases apartments. That’s what the show’s about - a English-Greek idiot working at his family’s leasing agency.


The scene we play comes from season 2, episode 5, in which Stath goes on a double date with his sister, Sophie (played by Jamie’s real life sister, Natasia). Sophie brings her new boyfriend, Cem (David Mumeni). Stath asked Sophie’s roommate/music and dance partner, Katia (played by Natasia’s real life comedy partner, Ellie White), who said no, but showed up anyway. When she said no, Stath invited his best friend Al (Al Roberts), but the only problem is Al and Sophie secretly love each other. Comedy ensues! 

You can watch Stath Lets Flats on HBO Max. Follow Jamie Demetriou on twitter at @JamieTonight and Instagram at @JamieDemetriou. Follow Jesse David Fox on Twitter and Instagram.

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