24 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

Reset 180

With Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in the headlines for so long now, it can seem like the nightmares of sex trafficking are fueled mostly by the wealthy and powerful. But the reality is it happens every day right here in our own backyard. Each year more than $23.5 million in taxable revenue is generated at illicit massage businesses in Fairfax County. 

The trauma from sex-slavery has a devastating effect on survivors. Reset180 exists to prevent, disrupt, and restore with the love of Christ—they not only help victims, but they also reach out to individuals who would buy sex.  

RESET180 has rebranded their organization this year with a vision for the future that includes a new housing center for survivors. Here to tell us more about it is Executive Director Kay Duffield.

Kay Duffield began her anti-trafficking work on the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand, working with survivors of sex trafficking. She introduced them to the love and compassion of Jesus while providing resources for freedom. Upon her return to the U.S. in 2012, she discovered that human trafficking was a growing problem within her own community. Kay was invited to join a new anti-trafficking grassroots movement that had started in Loudoun County, Virginia. She became the Executive Director in 2014 and has been active with the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force since 2012. She started monthly multidisciplinary team meetings to fulfill the needs of survivors in the Northern Virginia area. Kay is a nana, mother, wife, and modern-day abolitionist who believes that Jesus is the answer to end human trafficking. She passionately calls the Church to rise and engage in this local anti-trafficking battle.

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