25 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

Climbing the Conversation Ladder in Trying Times

Communication can seem impossible today as we witness conflict and violence like the mayhem we saw unfold at the Capitol. Our words can so quickly inflame and destroy, but they can also heal and build trust.  Bret Bernhardt joined us today to encourage us to engage in conversations because we have the hope of the Gospel, which is the power to save! Bret Bernhardt is a Board member of Faith and Law, and the Conservative Partnership Institute. He served as chief of staff to two United States Senators, Senator Don Nickles and Senator Jim DeMint. Following his service in the Senate, he served as the chief of staff and executive vice President of the Heritage foundation. He currently serves as Treasurer to the Conservative Partnership Institute as well as to Faith and Law. He spends most of his time on Capitol Hill in service to the personal ministry of staff and members. Several times a year they convene others partnered in personal Hill ministry to pray, support, and encourage one another.
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