41 minutes | Sep 2, 2021

Are Microaggressions a Big Deal?

Social justice warrior. Racist. Snowflake. White privilege.Over the last few years and particularly the past 18 months, conversations around race, gender identity, religion, and a host of other physical and personality traits have become more and more heated.Even once commonly-understood terms like “racism” have evolving meanings rife with opportunity for disagreement. Well beyond the widely-held explicit biases of previous generations, many contemporary conversations are about less-obvious and often unintentionally-offensive behaviors that impact employees’ sense of fairness and belonging in many workplaces.During this thirty-minute episode, the speakers talk about microaggressions and business leaders desire to “do the right thing” but are fearful of taking action in such a contentious environment.About our Guest:Rodney Klein has over sixteen years of experience as an EEO trainer and presenter with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and as owner of Rodney Klein EEO Training. He is a recognized authority in federal EEO law and is a sought-after speaker and trainer across Texas. He regularly educates groups on workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also trains audiences on addressing workplace behavior, creating civil cultures, understanding and reducing microaggressions, and minimizing unconscious bias in decision making. He coaches organizational leaders on how to re-think EEO in ways that better equip them to navigate the challenges brought on by an ever-changing social landscape. Rodney believes that understanding EEO both legally and culturally is the key in creating productive, efficient and ultimately inspired workforces. rk@rodneykleineeotraining.comGood Morning, HR is brought to you by Imperative—premium background checks with fast and friendly service. For more information about our commitment to quality and excellent customer service, visit us at imperativeinfo.com.If you are an HRCI or SHRM-certified professional, this episode of Good Morning, HR has been pre-approved for half a recertification credit. To obtain the recertification information for this episode, visit goodmorninghr.com.
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