33 minutes | Sep 23, 2021

A Practical Conversation About DEI

When intentional or unintentional road blocks are unnecessarily set in front of employees in the workplace, the entire organization suffers.And when those roadblocks are based upon physical or cultural issues unrelated to an employee’s ability to thrive in an organization, our whole community suffers.What ought an employer do to ensure that they are recruiting, selecting, onboarding, and professionally growing individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds?What beliefs or customs must they discard in order to build workplaces reflective of the larger community?Today’s guest has been a dear friend for at least a decade.In this nuanced conversation, Mike and Angela Shaw discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives this week. Starting with straightforward definition of each those terms, they go on to discuss DEI's impact on a meritocratic workplace, whether the use of "professionalism" standards are an excuse for workplace bias, and how organizations can kick-start their DEI initiatives.About our Guest:Voted the 2020 TXSHRM Volunteer Leader of the Year, Chief People Officer and DEI advocate Angela Shaw is an award-winning leader, speaker and teacher. With an extensive background in human resources, her career expands over several industries including government, education and now food & beverage. Angela worked her way up from an entry-level position to earn her seat at the C-Suite table. Angela is both a SHRM Senior Certified Professional and Senior Human Resources Certified Professional earning both designations within a year of one another. She tirelessly works towards building a more inclusive world by dedicating herself to educating people about the intersection of Human Resources and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelalshawGood Morning, HR is brought to you by Imperative—premium background checks with fast and friendly service. For more information about our commitment to quality and excellent customer service, visit us at imperativeinfo.com.If you are an HRCI or SHRM-certified professional, this episode of Good Morning, HR has been pre-approved for half a recertification credit. To obtain the recertification information for this episode, visit goodmorninghr.com.
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