92 minutes | Oct 12th 2020

Check Out Gwinnett Magazine Podcast: Gwinnett History Back In The Day

www.GoodMorningGwinnett.com Known for his namesake county, rare signature, and statue on top of a “castle of commerce” (Mall of Georgia). You might think ol’ Button Gwinnett would have been long forgotten if not for the success of the county. Turns out there’s a lot more to his story. Button was human. He had real fears, doubts, and emotions.

We begin the tale of Button Gwinnett a bit differently than you may have read in the history books. Mostly because not very much has been written. In this episode, we dive deep into what was at the core of a man like Button Gwinnett and what his motivations were for leaving home and coming to Georgia in the first place.

SOURCE: www.GwinnettMagazine.com