17 minutes | Apr 21st 2020

Welcome to the first episode Good Medicine On the Go with Dr. Nathan Morris and Kara Ware

Welcome to Good Medicine On the Go. We are your hosts, Dr. Nathan Morris and Kara Ware, Clinical Coordinator. In this week’s episode, we introduce ourselves and do a deeper dive into how we are reimagining the functional medicine journey. We discuss why Nutritional Genomics is more relevant in our society now than ever before, and why it’s important to make Functional Medicine more accessible and affordable to both bring in a new audience and reactivate former patients. Key Takeaways: [0:57] We (Dr. Nathan Morris and Kara Ware) have been long time business partners, and we are now reimagining Nathan’s practice from brick to click. [2:07] When we see a long journey ahead of us we can feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. Functional medicine focuses on the approach of “What is our first step?” [3:31] Our philosophy calls for creating a solid foundation to build on slowly, for long term success with our patients. When we follow the principles of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, we can prepare the patient for a deeper commitment both with their time and expenses. [4:11] Using tests such as 23andMe and Ancestry can help clinicians make a huge difference with their patients and pinpoint how their genetics have an impact on their health. [5:04] Nutritional Genomics is so relevant right now with the current environmental factors, stress, loss of structure, and rise of unemployment which may make us more vulnerable. [6:36] I think that's the big epiphany I had early on in my functional medicine practice, that I had to first make my visit affordable, secondly, make sure I didn't overwhelm patients with supplements, and most of all, I didn't want to overburden them with tests. [11:30] One of the most important things about Nutritional Genomics is working directly with your patient on what their key issues are, and how you can best help them with a few objectives and tangible steps. TeleMed appointments are perfect for this, as they can provide a short connection time to pinpoint what is needed. Quotes: “The curveballs are sometimes the best things that ever happen to you.” “Fear is not a great driver.” “Nutritional Genomics is preparing the patient for a deeper commitment to Functional Medicine’s process and partnership.” Mentioned: Good Medicine Pure Encapsulations PureGenomics Free 30-minute consult. Schedule Here 23andMe Ancestry.com Kara Ware, LLC
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