41 minutes | Nov 20th 2020

S2 Episode 4 - HealthCoach Workflow Models in Clinical Practice: Part 2

Interested in using a health coach? We answer the questions: how does a coach fit into a Functional Medicine practice, what does collaboration look like, and how does the health coach get paid? Episode #4 highlights a medical provider contracting a 1099 Independent Contractor for health coaching and possibly additional skills above and beyond health coaching.  Learn ways to reduce provider stress, lower the risk of burnout, optimize communication, and bolster patient readiness   There is a lot of pressure for Functional Medicine practitioners to ‘do it all’. We are joined by two phenomenal health coaches in this two-part series that show you there is a better solution through two highly effective, albeit exact opposite, infrastructures. Learn about how these clinical practices found their health coaches to be so impactful, the coaches are now called the “secret sauce” to the practices’ success.    Ready to learn more? Dive deeper, access resources, and connect with us by visiting https://karawarecoaching.com/season-2-episode-4/ Good Medicine On The Go is sponsored by Atrium Innovations Professional Brands.
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