22 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

Non-Coding Tips for Coding Interview Assignments

Unsurprisingly, when discussing take-home assignments for coding interviews, much of the focus is put on code.  Can you code?  Are you using "best practices?"  What tools are you using?.  There's lots of code-related things that people think about, or even stress about. Unfortunately, non-coding tips for coding interview assignments don't get talked about nearly as much. And, in my experience, there are a lot of non-coding things we can do to put our best foot forward and impress a hiring committee with our take-home assignment.Chapters00:00 Teaser00:46 Coding Gets All The Discussion01:26 Non-Coding Tips For Takehome Assignments01:46 Telling Your Story02:28 A Unique Opportunity03:06 Making A Positive First Impression03:49 Leveraging Project Metadata04:12 Filling Out GitHub Project Information05:06 Include A Project README05:59 Clearly Organize Your Project07:01 Ensuring A Positive First Time User Experience07:32 Make Sure Your Project Doesn't Crash08:30 Impress With UI Polish12:37 Use Consistent Styles & Conventions13:52 Don't Skip The Basics15:07 Documentation Is Key16:12 Document Your Thought Process17:38 Documentation Comes In Many Forms19:46 Telling Your Story20:59 Wrapping UpShow NotesMaterial Design Color ToolMaterial Design GridAndroid Ripple AnimationArchitectural Decision RecordsContacthttps://twitter.com/n8ebelhttps://goobar.dev/contact/
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