19 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

How To Stand Out And Get A Software Development Job In Another Country?

A listener recently asked how to stand out and get a software development job in another country.In this episode, we're going to explore this question and examine a number of ways to highlight your coding skills and focus your international job search.Chapters00:00 Teaser01:13 Intro01:43 Listener Question - How To Get A Job In Another Country?04:02 Phases Of Your Job Search04:34 Beginning Of Your Job Search04:49 Make Sure You Have The Required Skills06:21 How Can You Highlight Your Skills And Experience?09:46 How To Get Your Name Out There?12:06 How Does An International Job Search Change Things?12:28 Ask About Visas, Permits and Sponshorhip Up Front14:05 Partner With Local Companies That Work Internationally15:18 Research Work Requirements For Any Countries You Want To Work In16:53 In SummaryContacthttps://twitter.com/n8ebelhttps://goobar.dev/contact/
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