19 minutes | Jan 18, 2021

Dream / Learn / Create In 2021

In this episode we're chatting about the New Year, and how to set ourselves up for success.It's so important to have big dreams; to always be learning; and to create.We're going to talk about how to Dream, Learn, and Create to help us move towards our dreams and goals with balance, and steady progress.Chapters00:00 Teaser00:41 Intro01:06 New Year, New Opportunities02:08 Happy New Year02:56 Common New Year's Struggles For Software Developers03:59 Dream / Learn / Create05:10 Dream06:41 Learn09:07 Create13:02 4 Tips To Help You Dream, Learn, and Create This Year17:48 In SummaryContacthttps://twitter.com/n8ebelhttps://goobar.dev/contact/
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