20 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

8 Programming Blog Post Ideas

In this week's episode we're going to help defeat the blank page by exploring 8 programming blog post ideas and themes that you can turn to the next time you want to sit down and write a technical article.Chapters00:00 Teaser00:21 Intro01:41 The challenge of the blank page04:30 Two  Themes for Post Ideas04:49 Tutorial Summary Post05:57 Conference/Meetup Recap Post07:12 Bug Fix Post 08:07 Try 'X' Post 09:08 Lessons Learned Post11:20 Theme 2 - Your Voice Makes It Unique12:01 Response/Opinion Post13:05 Listcicle Post14:11 Novel Solution Post15:51 In Summary17:13 Use these ideas as a jumping off pointChiu-Ki Chan's Blogging formula: Conference reportshttp://blog.sqisland.com/2015/03/blogging-formula-conference-reports.htmlMy examples of Conference Recap postshttps://goobar.io/category/software-development/conference-recaps/Example of a Bug Fix posthttps://goobar.io/bug-busting-cannot-generate-view-binders/Example of a Try 'X' posthttps://goobar.io/simple-display-of-open-source-license-info/Contacthttps://twitter.com/n8ebelhttps://goobar.dev/contact/
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