46 minutes | Mar 29, 2020

009 (Dreamt A Virus)

Ok, I know that nobody likes to listen to other people's dreams. Despite that, I recklessly fail to capture the terrifying reality of what I went through.  My wife and I watched The Ring last night, and I realised that the '7 Days' thing was already done. I saw that movie almost 20 years ago when it came out, and maybe my subconscious utilized that trick, but I doubt that.. I am the worst at remembering anything about a movie I've seen.  I talk a little about the COVID-19 and how we're dealing with it at the post office, but I will do another episode and go into further detail, and read some of the literature the USPS has been sending us.    Music: Godspeed You Black Emporer! - Mladic MO75 - Like Falling Leaves Art Blakey - In Walked Bud Arturo Sandoval - Suavito Miled Davis - Will O' The Wisp Milk -  Hunting Like Animals   Postal Content - 1/5 hand wigglers        
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