71 minutes | Jan 26, 2018

005 (My Name's Not 'Yo')

The latest, insufferable ramblings of the Sonofnothing. This one is relentless, like a good water boarding. I rant about drivers braking uphill, laziness at the gym parking lot, rude strangers, rushing, taking our time, meditation, and probably a bunch of other inane badinage. RIP Dolores O'Riordan. The Cranberries were one of those upper echelon bands from the 90's that regularly and loudly played in my household. Revisiting No Need To Argue is a time warp, and it is truly one beautiful album. The album is playing throughout the podcast. Check out New Paltz native (@aub.had), Aubrey Haddard and her band, Breakfast For The Boys Thanks Ali for the Netflix, and giving me hope. You are a beauty. Now, take your scrubs off, eat some pizza, and quit worrying about it.  Postal Content 4/10 vesica piscis   Music: Aubrey Haddard - Walk Away Sufjan Stevens - The Mistress Witch From McClure Of Monsters And Men - Slow And Steady Sonofnothing - Blew It
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