70 minutes | Jan 28, 2016

002 ( I'm Baaaaack)

Coming at you live from the abode on New Hackensack. Bowling has been consuming my life this year, and I geek out some more about that. I posted some new music on SoundCloud including a Chelsea Wolfe cover and some new doom/stoner metal. The folks over at Recording Review really came through and let Mercedes know how bad ass of a vocalist she is. Thanks Emma, Stan Halen and fHumble fingas! In the Postal world, I talk about my experiences in my new office, delivering to private roads, or houses who's boxes aren't on the same road. Customers who complain about not getting mail when there's a snow storm that crippled the East Coast last weekend. Think about it fool! How much do you know about your Thrift Savings Plan? Have you diversified your portfolio? Are you in a Lifecycle fund and just letting it ride, like I used to? Think about your future! I'm on a new kick, and now have a Bloomberg Business APP. For REAL??! Damn, shit has changed.    Postal Content 7/10 stars   Music: Justin/Elliot/Blaed/Joe - Vicarious (Tool Cover) Sonofnothing - A Voice For The Innocent Sonofnothing - Flatlands (Chelsea Wolfe Cover w/ Mercedes) Ruth Copeland - Unknown Track Title Frank Zappa - Wet T-Shirt Contest
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