38 minutes | May 18th 2020

The Murder of Cheryl Ann Callaway at the Forum 303 Mall

One detective called the slaying of Cheryl Ann Callaway “the most vicious murder in Arlington’s history.” On January 30th, 1974, just months before she was to be married, 18-year-old Cheryl’s life was taken. The murder was brutal and unimaginable, and the killer, it seemed, came out of nowhere. No one who knew Cheryl could imagine who would have a reason to kill the young women; she had no enemies. Revelations in the case eventually came but either it was too late, evidence to support the new leads was scarce, or detectives working the case just didn’t buy it. After many lines of investigation, including inquiries into several well-known and lesser-known killers, Cheryl’s case went cold and remains unsolved.

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