137 minutes | May 25th 2020

Episode 022: Iain Highfield of Game Like Training – How to make swing changes stick and taking your range game to the golf course.

Iain Highfield (T: @iainGLT, FB: @GameLikeTrainingGolf, IG: @iainhifey_beyondthemind, YT: Game Like Training) is quickly becoming one of the most sought after coach’s in today’s game. He was recently named to Golf Digest’s ‘Best Young Teachers in America’ and his program Game Like Training is helping golfers of all skill levels improve.

His book ‘Golf Practice: How to Practice Golf & Take Your Range Game to the Course’ is one that should be on every golfer’s ‘must read’ list and will make a huge difference in the way you practice and approach the game. To hear more from Iain check out his podcast; ‘Beyond the Mind’ on iTunes and Spotify.

If you would like to reach Iain, you can do so through his website; www.iainhighfield.com