48 minutes | Aug 26th 2020

Episode 17: Matay the Vampire Slayer w/ Lauren Garcia

Lauren Garcia is a multi-talented actress, playwright, director, nurse - and now comic book writer. Her new comic, published in June w/ friend and illustrator Morgan Beem, introduces the first Filipina slayer to the Buffy comicsverse. She talks with Long on connecting Filipinx folklore to a modern, relevant story, using her experiences in other artforms and collaboration with Morgan to create something wholly original. Send questions, comments, and episode ideas to goldandgreat@kollaboration.org. Follow Lauren Garcia: Website: laurenandrei.com Instagram: @lasandrei Pick up a copy of Buffy Every Generation #1 “The Hilot of 1910” wherever you get your comics! Follow Kollab SF: Twitter: @kollabsf Instagram: @kollabsf Facebook: www.facebook.com/kollab.sf Website: kollabsf.org/podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gold-and-great/message
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