26 minutes | Dec 31, 2019

352 GBH - We're NOT Going Hindsight in 2020

http://bit.ly/GBH-Jan-2020-Workshop-Info - Jan 2020 Workshop Info http://bit.ly/GBH-Jan2020-App - Jan 2020 Workshop Application   Gold Ball Hunting - A Tennis Show With Brent & Jeff Brent & Jeff are offering you a free private 10 minute coaching call to help you solve that #1 thing in your game that you just can’t figure out right now. Head on over to GoldBallHunting.com, join our email list, and you’ll get access to our online calendar scheduler where you can cherry pick a date & time that is perfect for you to get on a complimentary private coaching call with Brent & Jeff. What's 'GBH'? Tennis players need to have a clear system in place that is built around a daily process to move the needle. Personal stories from a couple of guys who've crawled through the muck and come out the other side with their "Gold Ball". Hosted by Brent Abel & Jeff Jacklich, this podcast is for competitive tennis players who want get to their own version of a coveted Gold Ball. Tournament players, league players, & those players who simply want to dominate week in and week out in their regularly scheduled singles matches and/or doubles matches ... You're going to get some mostly unscripted raw 'boots on the ground' stories and advice about how to move the needle for you being a better tennis player. We'd love for you to join us over at http://GoldBallHunting.com. We've got a private video we want to get to you that will help you build the ONE thing every player needs to consistently play at the top of their current skill level so that you can move that proverbial needle to get better - CONFIDENCE.   "How To Build Federer-esque Confidence Into Your Game Without Having To Be A Tibetan Monk" This video is our gift to you.  It's free.  But it is private.  Not for public consumption.  Only for those competitive players who want to know what the top players know about building confidence. Get immediate access to it here - click. OK guys ... get out there today and help someone else have an amazing day ;-) Brent & Jeff
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