36 minutes | Aug 27, 2020

The future of retail – tips for retail business owners, online and offline, in 2020 and onwards

 In this episode, hear from Chris Brook-Carter, CEO of the retailTRUST, on how the future of retail is looking because of Covid-19's impact, whether offline retail businesses should open online shops too, what support the retailTRUST offers to help the retail sector, how to find out what customers want, whether it's the right time or not to start a new retail business, and much, much more! Massive thank you to National Enterprise Nation for sponsoring the Go Far Fast Show – we're super proud to be supported by such a vital part of the business community. And, of course, sending a virtual fist bump to our awesome accounting extraordinaire, Aaron at Boffix, for being such a fun co-host! See you in the next podcast! 
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