86 minutes | Aug 10, 2015

Episode 26: Sonic the Hedgehog IRL

After a break and a dose of Aids, we're back on form and fighting against racism in every nook and cranny. On this weeks mind bending show, we discuss the reality of Sonic the Hedgehog, why 3D printing is shit, what to buy a dictator for his birthday, the convolution of Dragon Ball Z and why True Detective Season 2 never stood a chance.Mark also shares his distaste for pop cultural analysis and recommends a new book series which should help serial killers every where make a better life for them selves.We complain about the death of Sci-Fi Now and niche magazines and discuss the greatness which was Christopher Lee, shitty work stuff, Deadpool, Enochian magic and why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is this generations Citizen Kane.
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