72 minutes | May 18, 2015

Episode 17 : Googly Eyed Jesus Would Vote YES

After a round of terrible impressions and a week in Ireland, we examine both sides of the heated debate surround the legalization of Gay Marriage in Ireland and how out-side parties are spreading confusion and misinformation in order to stop progress. It doesn't take long for serious conversation to disintegrate and go off topic and we discuss creatures born of dust, demons in bellies,  Malcolm in The Middle as a complex treatises on human nature and how living ghosts manipulate socks.Further down the line we consider how the new Supergirl will act as a strong role model for kids,  why James Bond deserved those kicks in the nuts, the commonality between Miley Cyrus and The Monarch and we examine the horribleness of Jamie Oliver, the Rapping Cunt.
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