12 minutes | Aug 16th 2019

SS10: China

Key Takeaways:

Inspiring women who are Independent travelers: Look for some in your circle of friends and get to know them. I talk about a friend who just left for a one year adventure, Cindy.

Destination: If you have not yet been to China, consider it for your next big adventure. I’ve been twice, and glad to share the stories here.

Mistake: Do you know when to stop? That was my mistake. I took the “last run” of the day and ended up in the ski patrol sled all the way down the mountain and hurt for a long time later. That was the end of my ACL.

Advice: Take the subway, when you are looking to maximize your travel itinerary. It’s the fastest, cheapest and sometimes most revealing ways to learn about the people in a city.

Mentioned in This Episode:

EU Travel Requirements


Schengen Rule


Visa not required, YET






Tiananmen square

The Pandas 


Hong Kong.


More travel sites in China below you can browse.





Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Subway maps for many cities here:  NYC, London, Chicago, Barcelona, Paris

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