10 minutes | Jul 26th 2019

SS 07: New Zealand + bonus of Baja, Mexico

Key Takeaways: Travel with confidence, no matter the situation. Visit your favorite places, near and far. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience traveling, you can do New Zealand and learn a lot. What can you expect there? We share a few insights about that and also Mexico, especially the Baja area from Tijuana south. We discuss driving, insurance, and what is a good city to visit.

Today’s Independent Destination-New Zealand and Mexico

New Zealand

Christchurch bombing





Franz Joseph Glacier plane ride

WW2 in New Zealand

Destination: Mexico travel

Tijuana, Mexico, close to the San Diego border

A culturally defining moment for many Americans

20 miles away, but a world apart

Passport required

Things to buy at the border: Elvis Posters,


Ave. Revolucion


Border rules

Flavors, colors

Walk across

Taxi into town

Driving in Mexico

Insurance needed for your car




Valle de Guadelupe

Today’s Mistake- Mistake in Mexico

I drank the can of juice from a vending machine.

I was sick for three days.

Be careful what you eat and drink.

Today’s Travel Advice- 

You want to be confident when you travel. Visit your ancestry. What would you be doing now if they had remained there? Ask.

Explore new places.


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